Loving life


The seasons are changing,  the weather is getting colder and I’m enjoying life despite the stress.

It’s been a rough several months.  I’ve had two jobs in two months and unemployed for almost a month.  Is super hard to find a job in a small town,  harder as a single parent and even harder workout transportation or a dependable sitter.


I know things will work out even if they don’t work out here.  I love Walhalla, South Carolina  and is the best place my kid had ever been for education and being able to make friends.  I’ve made friends and I’ve even founda level of networking that i hadn’t been capable of back in Utah. The people that I  associate with when they tell me that they are going to do something they do it instead of making me feel like it was a bunch of lip service.

I love life,  not always everything that happens as part of daily life but I  love life.



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