Dear Rain

Dear Rain,

I see you sometimes at work or on my way to do errands. You had your mom stop by and hung out with her. She’s a sweet lady, a bit grumpy today but still sweet.

I felt ignored when I tried to say hi and all I got was this look that seemed to say “why the hell are you speaking to me?” that didn’t feel nice so I left and sat down to write this letter. I hope that work is going well and that you and your family are in good health. I’ll consider your having told me to get a job elsewhere. I know it’s nothing personal,  like you said I just won’t get the kind of money and hours I need where I am right now.

I’m getting back into poetry again. I like writing prose so that they sound almost like poetry, gives it almost a sweeter sound when I read it.

I love you and hope you are happy,



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