Playing in the Rain

sad girls in rain wallpapers (4)

I love Rain. Rain can be wet and sensual or freezing and painful; it’s amazing the array of feelings and sensations that can be found with Rain.

I was jealous last night of how well you got along with others and didn’t say anything to me but after a little while I decided that just being allowed to bear witness to that smile and enjoy being around you was more than I would’ve had if I had left out of hurt little feelings. I love company and one thing I pride myself in is my ability to enjoy someone else’s company without the expectation of them having to entertain me and focus solely on me. What opportunities for being able to enjoy the moment by not expecting the moment to be all about me open up with just allowing others who would otherwise have nothing to do with you just be there. I got to hear the jokes and the laughter, see the smile and the person, I got to be there.

You may not understand in this earth life but, I enjoy having you around and will enjoy what little bit of time in the beauty of your inner light shining through I can get. You are beautiful Rain, thank you for everything even if it hurt.

Love you with all my heart,



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