friends forever


Dear Rain,

I wish I could call you a friend forever. I think it would be nice. As is I like that we can spend time even if we are working.

What would I expect as a friend?

I would ask for the kind of friend that I can take walks with and work with animals like horses, dogs, cats. I would like that we could see each other and be able to share a genuine smile, not a tense one that says “oh, it’s her”. I want to be able to give you a hug without you thinking I’m some freaky lesbian who just wants to touch your breast.

What is it about you that I like?

Not sure. I’m attracted to people with strong minds and sense of self. I like when someone is confident in their skin and life. I like when someone has their own mind and does not allow someone to tell them that they’re wrong. I like that usually you’ll hear someone out even if it doesn’t change your mind.

I do not like that you often have ugly opinions of people but don’t feel like discussing what it is or why. I realize that I’m about as open as a brick with other people but only because I feel so strongly judged by others. I often feel judged by you.

I want you to know that I’m looking into educational opportunities so that I can get an education and be able to move and get a life of my own. I want to be able to move and not have you feel like I’m trying to invade your space with my ‘lesbian vibes’.

I love you,



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