Riddle Me This


Riddle me this.

If a person is sexually attracted to their own gender do you consider them gay/bi/lesbian for that or is it only crossing into the LGBT crowd if they engage in sexual activities with someone of their own gender?

I genuinely want to know what other people think about that question so I need as many people to answer that question as possible. I’m trying to do some research on the topic of sex and sexuality but there are a lot of questions I’ll need answers to. I’ll ask them one at a time over a period of time so that no one gets overloaded by either the question or the information. I won’t allow fighting on my page so keep it respectful.

Thank you to everyone who helps out on my research.



3 thoughts on “Riddle Me This”

  1. Gay is just a broad term for anyone who is attracted to their own gender, men to men or woman to woman. I don’t think this has to do with actions being taken or not. It gets blurry when we discuss trans/gender fluid people because then we get into how someone identifies themselves as a certain gender(who they feel they are inside) that has nothing to do with their physical parts when they were born(their sex)

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