Everyday that I go in my heart breaks just a little bit more. I wish it didn’t and that I wasn’t able to remember the kinds of things I remember.  I remember being part of a very special group that was tight-knit and that we all loved each other and had fun. Nobody intentionally hurt each others feelings or stole from each other or looked into ways to burn each other.

Here it’s a lot of pain. One person looks for ways to hurt me, to intentionally burn me by stating lies and or distorting what they do know. I wish I hadn’t come back for more than just what was still owed me.

Please, instead of looking so disdainfully at me just smile and in a nice way.

I’m slowly breaking, this isn’t working. I’ll be looking elsewhere so that hopefully I can go to where I feel I need to be for my  own safety and sense of self.

Thank you for everything,

I love you,




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