Take a Slow Walk


I didn’t expect to arrive while you were still here. I thought I had taken long enough on my slow walk from the library. I hope I didn’t upset you by showing my face before yours had had the chance to leave.

I’m not going to pretend to understand why you give me that look of “oh god it’s her” when you see me. We used to be friends before Sky came in to rain on my parade. I didn’t expect much, just company and a basic friendship but Sky was jealous of any bit of attention even though she gets the majority of you. I know that to you I’m just a crazy nearly middle aged idiot who doesn’t have a clue. In a way the two of you are right. I won’t dispute it, but I wish I had company and I would’ve loved to have had a little bit of your time occasionally.

It was still nice to see you. I like your face and voice. It’s nice to see and hear a beautiful person even if they misunderstand me greatly.

Take care of Sky beautiful Rain,

Love you,



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