Locked Away for My Own Good


I’ve hidden away for my own good, far away from everything I want so that it can’t hurt me anymore. I would rather hurt myself by cutting myself out of everyone else’s life than allow them in to hurt me. I’ve ostracized myself by setting myself off on a deserted strip of non-human occupied land.

Here is where peace and quiet hold sound captive until it briefly breaks its bounds of forced silence and escapes for only a few moments at a time. This is the place where self preservation can be found by the maintaining of the quality of the silence that envelops the area and all the occupants within. Standing tall and looking as far as the eye can see, mentally probing the furthest limits of my personal senses I can almost but not quite see what lies beyond that furthest point beyond that tree or behind that rock. Staring at the clouds in the distance I imagine a hidden sun or a flock of birds flying overhead just out of focal range. Sighing as quietly as possible I soak in the quiet, I feel the vibrations of the earth as it supports the lives of everything around me both in the ground and above it. Each tree breathes in expert silence, nothing can force these sturdy life forms or force them to break their vows of ultimate silence. They are like nuns and monks who have pledged their lives to a cause and doggedly pursue their goals until they draw their final breathes.

The sound of birds taking flight startles me from my reverie and I catch a brief glimpse of wings as the birds move onward refusing to tell me what had disturbed them. I smile a small but pleased smile because I love the birds and wish them well. Peace be with you my friends, even if I myself don’t yet know the level of peace I seek. Maybe someday I will, until then I must soak in what I can of the cooling quiet and use it to try and douse the inner fire from internal battle from repeated burning by those who caused me the pain I now battle. Peace be with you my light feathered friends.


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