I’ve developed a recent interest in screen writing. I’m looking up scripts and screenplays to read so i can try and understand how they work.  I don’t know much about it or any terminology but if i feel like is something i can do I’ll give it a try. I’ve taken a look atsome of the major ones from movies like 40 Year Old Virgin and Beetle Juice. I’ve started reading the pilot for Arrested Development. Right now they look odd to me but,  I’m assuming that just means I’ve  not learned how to correctly read a script. That’s okay,  I’ll figure it out .


One thought on “Screenplay”

  1. Cool.
    It’s pretty simple actually, and I found my half completed script enjoyable to work on, the format hasn’t changed much over time. I bought a couple books, one of the Pulp Fiction screenplay and one of Shallow Grave for easy reference.


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