It’s been a long and rough week. More than one of my male coworkers has acted premenstrual and I’ve had to deal with the two company narcissists getting extra pissy.

I come from a family of nine, seven kids and two parents. Of the group of nine 8 of us have worn glasses actively. I was one of the ones that wore glasses, not anymore but that’s not the point. Today when I joked around with a coworker who was lying down in between shifts “I wonder what would happen if I were to take his glasses” he threatened to break my wrists. Don’t ever do that; I’m not going to attack him and get up in his face but that was not appropriate. If they had simply said that they would get upset or something I can understand that. If I had actually messed with their glasses they it would’ve justified getting angry but I was no where near them. The response given in response to the joke was not appropriate for the joke.

Only one of the company narcissists is in right now and they quickly realized that I’m sick today and the worse I looked and the slower I was the bigger their smile, right in my face. If someone is going to take joy in the fact that I’m feeling under the weather please don’t make it so obvious.

My roommate is also being extremely type-anal as well. They were going on at me about how I should not stay in bed late (being sick is no excuse, they didn’t get a break) and I should only be reading what will help me to get at least a certificate, even better if it’s a degree that is in high demand. They go at me about how there’s a ring around the tub and that it’s unhygienic and that that’s why I’m sick and that’s why all these kids in Brazil are born with itty bitty brains and diseases. I hate when people can’t start the day until they feel they have sufficiently ruined someone else’s day. They weren’t able to ruin my day but they are under the impression they did so they’re feeling better.

I’ve started to read about screenwriting this past week and I’m really enjoying it. That’s some of what I’ve been reading. I want to try and compare movies to the screenplay to their corresponding movies. I enjoy trying to figure out how I would turn something I’ve written into a movie and like the idea that maybe something I’ve written could find it’s way up onto the big screen.


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