Sometimes it’s just better to say nothing


Was watching a guy at the library have a massive fit with his ear buds that he had carefully tied together so that they wouldn’t tangle and then they tangled up on him. It was super frustrating and I tried not to watch but it’s like those times when you pass a nasty accident or something and you are just drawn to it. I managed to make myself stop after a couple tries and refused to let myself offer help, not because I didn’t feel bad because I did, I just got the feeling he wouldn’t have appreciated the offer.

It’s been a rough week. I’m still sick with the sinus infection but I’ve managed to bring it down to the level of just being a nasty cold and my fever is all gone. It’s mostly just congestion and needing to blow my nose and cough occasionally.

I was basically fired from my job this past week but I’m still on the schedule this week so I don’t know if I’m still fired or if the boss was just desperate to have someone who could somewhat perform their job to satisfaction who wasn’t leaving right then for school in another state. I think she may have just been desperate.

I hope that the rumors going around work about me being a raging hormonalĀ lesbian who dreams of getting into my bosses pants are slowing down a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care what someone else’s sexual preference is, the person spreading the rumors is very hateful towards me. Though I will admit the boss is hot and all but, I think it would be best for me not to allow myself to fantasize about the impossible of being able to even hang out with her as long as that teenager has such a strong hold on her imagination and allowed to influence what others believe about me. The one who basically started the rumors will be so pissed to see that I’m still at work and allowed to smile in public. I shall try to not be bothered by the drama and continue on.


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