What a Beautiful Day


As usual I get up  to the sound of my roommate complaining. She couldn’t be bothered to move the toys from the sink before spitting in it and had washed out something nasty right over top of them instead of moving them. I’m considering throwing them in the recycling so I don’t have to continue to deal with them and her bull crap.

When I asked why she didn’t just move the toys she said “that’s not my job!”

But it is her job to wash out nasty stuff over top of just disinfected toys and spit on them? Who’s the adult here? She complains about feeling like she’s babysitting an adult but acts like a delinquent brat instead, hmm, something doesn’t add up here.

Just yesterday she continued her demand that I bring proof of pay stubs and a copy of my credit report or else. She wouldn’t say what the ‘or else’ was but has implied that I’ll be kicked out. When I told her to say please she got ugly and demanded that I get my ass out of her room. She always demands that I say please and thank you and show her appreciation but shows nothing but contempt for others she feels are not on her level. Her eyes looked like mud with no light or life in them and they were scary but I wouldn’t budge and she tried to force the door shut on me but, she’s not very strong anymore because of her lupus, and told me I was being a bitch. I demanded that she not swear at me, “I don’t swear at you.”

Standing up to a narcissist can be super scary, she’s one of the scary ones. I’ll get the proof of pay and the credit report, I’ll continue to sleep in the dining room, I can’t do much about her undermining my authority with my kid but what I can do is let her know she hasn’t defeated me and that I’m emotionally stronger than she is. It’s hard but I’ll get through it.


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