Take a Deep Breath


Receiving the news that I need to figure out what I’m going to do with my life in just under a month is rather daunting.

Today the roommate told me that I need to be in school in less than a month and that she’s going to be getting a job so she won’t be available to watch my kid. Taking me by surprise seems to be a source of joy for her. I’m looking into cheap and even free courses to be able to get enough of an education to be able to get out on my own  but it’s super hard to get anything especially when you have a child and can’t just up and go anywhere you feel like without neglecting someone precious. The hardest part of that is finding that balance that allows both of you to be taken care of and be able to help both of you move forward in life, both emotionally and physically.

I found some really cheap classes that are more like micro-instructional courses. Not accredited but would help in being able to get through a higher level course with better grades. I guess you could call them preparatory classes. It sounds nice, supplement them with free materials online and you could really move along and get some real skills.

Still dealing with the damaging effects of having to  come back and now I’ve also found out that my roommates lease is up at the end of August but they are refusing to tell me that. I only found out because the notice was put on the door after she left for the day and before I left. I have a lot to figure out how to deal with.


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