I have a friend who has threatened suicide if they don’t have a place when they are kicked out of their hotel in less than two weeks. She told me this when she came in to where I work and told me how she’s going to be evicted and needs to find a place and that if she doesn’t get a place by the time she leaves she’ll throw herself under the train. I’ve been crying off and on after she told me this and the manager at work saw the look on my face when I told her this so she took me off the floor (removed me from the front of house/no more taking tables for the night) and had me making deserts for the rest of the evening. I almost cried out several times while making the tortufo’s and could not get her off my mind. When I went to the ice rink yesterday to try and practice all I could do was skate in circles and talk about her with my young chinese friend. I was able to be temporarily distracted when a young girl got injured and needed help getting up and off the ice but, that was only for maybe twenty-minutes and so I just couldn’t get myself to go back onto the ice.

I’ve been trying to distract myself and get the research I promised Kathy, that’s her first name, but I keep having to distract myself because the situation is so intense that I start to cry and can’t function anyways. I have a few numbers that I’m going to call and hopefully someone can help her in ways that I can’t. She refuses to go to a homeless shelter and abhors the idea of sharing a room or even a communal toilet. She also insists that she needs a tv in her room. I don’t blame her, she’s a sweet lady and an artistic soul. I don’t want her to self-destruct.

I’m so upset that I’m still crying while typing this. I only just made friends with her but she trusts me enough that she told me her intentions and asked for my help. Who could possibly turn away from someone who is trying to reach out to them like that? I can’t let her go without trying. I don’t know much about her, not her favorite color, not her favorite book or band or anything like that. I know she likes to take pictures and is very observative. I think part of what it is she feels as far as a connection to me is that we both take pictures. I’m technically on a higher level than she is but I don’t care. She enjoys her little coolpix camera and takes tons of pictures and loves every single image. I enjoy sharing my pictures with her in fact I actually find myself just a bit eager to see her face when she sees my pictures.

I hope that I can get her the help she needs before she attempts any form of self destruction, I don’t want to lose someone I just made friends with to suicide or any form of death.

Please hold on Kathy, I’m doing the best that I know how to do. Please hold on.stock-photo-two-young-women-sitting-on-grass-hugging-rear-view-146837942


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