Then Who’s Job is it!


The more positions you are trained for in a place of employment the more you are expected to perform or achieve in the workplace. If you are the boss you are expected to be able to do any and all positions in a place. If you are the supervisor you have the same expectations as the boss with maybe some minor variances. If you are a shift supervisor or the head of your specific position you got there for a reason, right? Perhaps you work in a restaurant as head server and you are also trained as busser, dishwasher, can handle some basic prep work as well maybe. If you can do all that when another position is short you are the one expected to pick up the slack for the missing personal or to assist the ones that are there so that their job goes more smoothly and doesn’t effect the established flow of the rest of the establishment.

Example: If you are a server and a dishwasher but you are working as the dishwasher and one of the servers asks for something that would not prevent you from accomplishing your own work then do it. If you are asked to bring something inside for someone else and “not my job” comes out of your mouth any employer or manager will either put you on probation or fire you.

Even if something does fall outside of the tasks required of your position but something is needed and you know how to do it but refuse to give your assistance you can get fired for that as well.

This may come as a surprise for many but working a paying job even if it’s not a high paying one isn’t necessarily a tight-rope act unless you are doing something that your not supposed to such as refusing to be a productive employee when the person in charge of shift asks for assistance. When you do something that might be viewed as the extra mile by those in charge it is favorably noted and can gain you favor with the employer and possibly later manifest itself in a good way.

Example: Pay raise, bonus, invited to a private function that the not so favored employee won’t be invited too

Before anyone says “No I’m not doing that; it’s not my job” consider the consequences. You can be fired on your last day and denied pay for that day.



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