Here’s a tip

When eating out it is customary (or at least expected) to know if the establishment is the kind where a server/waiter would expect a tip. It has been my observation that fewer and fewer people know or at least understand this. In most states the restaurant server DOES NOT get minimum wage,most get about $2.15 an hour BEFORE taxes. I’ve also noticed that fewer and fewer people are tipping or are tipping less than the standard amount of about 15 percent or higher. This may be linked to several things:

1. The customer does not know that the National Standard of tipping is actually 15 percent or higher.


*I had to tell my own younger brother that 10 percent is not a generous amount, most servers will be calling the customer bad names behind their backs.

2. They don’t care/feel they don’t have to but expect customer service above and beyond the call of duty.

*Let this be known, if your server already knows that you’re not going to tip them the chances of getting exemplary service is pretty slim.

**Also to be noted, if you feel you shouldn’t have to tip then go somewhere where tipping is not expected and the server already gets a minimum wage such as McDonald’s or Burger King. Some higher class restaurants already have the tip included in the bill and if you want them to receive more you can give more, most don’t do that.

3. Some people tip according to the performance they feel the cook has given.

*This is actually very rude, especially if the cook is not as good at cooking as your server is at serving. The tip goes to the server, not the cook.

4. Some people don’t tip because they don’t feel like it

*Don’t eat out if you can’t be bothered to eat and if you do there are a few places mentioned above that would suit the self-entitled diner who doesn’t feel like staying home. You could also add Chick Filet to the already mentioned list.

There are many other reasons why someone wouldn’t feel like they would have to tip but before someone goes out to eat they need to consider several things.

5. Servers pay taxes on what you order out of their tips before they get their tips even if you don’t tip.

*Not many people other than your server knows this. Some employers take as much as half of a servers tip to cover things other than the taxes such as broken dishes (even if the server didn’t break anything or if they had a dine-and-dash)


6. Some people don’t feel that they have to even pay for their meal.

*There is a very high frequency of what is referred to as the dine-and-dash. This is not only illegal but most of the time the server is required to pay for it even if they had no way of knowing that would happen. This is taken out of the servers tips and if their tips for the evening don’t cover it they lose part of their paycheck as well.

7. “It’s against my religion/God will provide for them”

*For those who believe in God, God provides for your eternal soul but not your overdue bills. Why should a server half to pay the taxes on your meal, anticipated tip and anything else government decides to add to the bill because you feel that God says you don’t have to. Those who don’t get much or anything because you feel it’s against your religion or you feel that God will provide isn’t going to feel very blessed, in fact many will hate you for it.

A few basic facts:

1. Servers/Waiters make less than half of minimum wage, minimum wage is not a livable wage in fact it is below poverty level so please be nice to servers.


2. Be mindful of the actual percentage encouraged, not what you feel like so unless your server is rude and doesn’t care then please care and give a minimum of tip at 15 percent or higher.


3. Most people don’t know this but the server pays taxes one what you order.Yes, you have already paid taxes on what you ordered but the server has to pay taxes on that as well because what you order is listed as their income as well as what they get in tips BEFORE taxes. What this means is that they are taxed multiple times for just one dish.


4. Not all of servers are just self-entitled college kids or flunkies who just don’t feel like trying. There are a lot of single parents, older adults with no education or not enough to get a higher paying job and other such groups of individuals who want to achieve something higher but can’t afford because they aren’t paid enough to get out of the ‘server for life’ rut they find themselves in.

Please be considerate of the person serving you if you eat out. You don’t know their story and even if you do it’s not the person eating out who has the right to hold them back by refusing proper tipping etiquette.


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