For YOUR Own Good


I live in a difficult situation. My roommate is barely sane enough for me to allow them to babysit and I’ve been getting the vibe that they are planning on trying to take my kid away from me. To make things worse, my best friend whom I rarely see is also getting that same vibe.

My roommate, whom is also a relative, is currently about to receive a degree in Behavioral Science and go into the Social Services field. She has the ability to forge information and coach my kid into making accusations that could cost me my kid. She already has him confusing the idea of a swat on the bum for mis-behaving as a form of sexual abuse. It makes it seem very possible that I overlooked the possibility of her being the one whom had made the accusation of child abuse and neglect years ago shortly after my child had been born.

This relative/roommate has many things going on that should shock anyone who hears about it. A few example:

1.she was badly abused as a child and now studies psychology and behavior sciences.

2.She disagrees with someone being allowed to be a single parent if the other parent is not in the picture, she has stated on previous occasions that if you’re not married to the father you have no business with a kid. This (in her mind) means that almost half of the United States should not be allowed their own children.
*if the other parent is in the picture and doing their part what you have is not a case of single parenting but co-parenting done right*

3.She has professed to having attachment issues and has a hard time with males.
*all the more reason for her to not be allowed access to my kid, my kid is male*

She also has stated on many occasions that all females are stupid and need to listen to the men in their lives more closely.

4.She has stolen from me and hidden things or gone through things and made her little notes as to what is wrong with MY choices because she doesn’t approve of them. She has also gotten rid of personal belongings of mine because she doesn’t feel they are appropriate and cites it being her apartment as being good enough reason to be allowed to do so. She has also almost violently defended herself when asked/accused of theft.
*personal property unless illegal to have in ones possession is never legal for anyone to get rid of regardless of whomever rents or owns the property it is being held at*

5.She has been working diligently to have my kid turned against me so he demands that parental activities such as reading to him, making appointments to have his hair cut, trimming his nails, putting on his bicycle helmet for him, picking out his clothes are now done by her. She has rewarded him with trips to favorite locations and with treats that I find out about sometimes months later and she doesn’t give me copies of any pictures that she takes of him on these outings.
*this can be viewed as a form of parental alienation*

She claims that anything she does is for the good of my child and that she wants the best for him. What she is proving is that she’s willing to go to any length to be able to take a child from a parent so that she can raise the child that she never had. I’m the one person she’s had this level of contact with the child of who has resisted her and any attempts she’s made on me and my family. She’s a narcissist who has not been able to break me and for me to still live with her. First chance I will get out and never come back. I’ll even change his and my names and social security numbers. A bit extreme but that might be the best way to ensure that she can’t come after my child and me.


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