Very Professional of Them

At about 8am this morning as I’m giving my kid breakfast some idiot from a call agency pretending to offer insurance calls me.

“Are you looking for yourself or someone else; are you insured?”

“I’m looking to find out how many times I have to demand to be put on the do-not-call list and how many times I have to demand a supervisor because you people have been calling me between 4 and 10 times a day. Are you aware I would have the legal right to sue you for harassment with as long as this has been going on?”

“Unfortunately the supervisor is not available-(blah, blah, blah, attempting to smokescreen and lies)”


Supervisors are never available when a problem arises. This may shock people but the supervisor is supposed to be there for when stupid people won’t stop harassing them. So I called them back several more times demanding their supervisor and basically did to them what they were doing to me. I was pawned off to three more people and nobody would put me on the do-not-call list or get a supervisor. In fact, I started getting hung up on, real shocker right.


1e6f5718b331c318488ecf044f5fe3e8 I don’t own one of these jars but I would love one for when I have to deal with someone like I had to today and actually for the last two months. How many people are aware that if you tell someone “put me on your do-not-call list” or “do not call this number ever again” or “did you not see the note that you’re not allowed to call me/this number” or “not your business, do not ever call this number again” that the place that is calling is then legally harassing you and is not allowed to call anymore? I have been reporting the numbers that call me after I tell them to stop and that’s after I ignore them for several months before picking up the phone for the FIRST time.

1cc1a0b04c54e37d28ad0cfd4b263154 I have repeatedly told all places (if any of them have actually been valid) to only contact through email and snail mail (regular post) if they wish to contact me. I hate dealing with people over the phone. If your not part of my job (fellow employee or the boss), my kid, or a friend I don’t want you calling my number. Just in case what I’m trying to communicate was not entirely heard, if I don’t tell you you can call me, don’t call me. Email it and I’ll get to it when I get to it, I’m not a huge people person. I’m mostly introverted and I prefer quiet and very few people around me at any time. I also have a few issues that harassment over the phone will only exacerbate so please don’t do that unless you want me to get upset.


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