All Before Friday

The first week of 2017 and it’s already an exciting year and not all of it feels like it’s going well.

Some of the changes I have noticed so far for 2017 are:

-I got a few people who are trying to help me get through the system faster so that I can get out on my own and away from the crazy roommate who may either die of illness soon or do something to try and take my kid for them self.
-I’ve been better about checking my email
-I’m doing some research for someplace closer to where I am but would still likely be able to hide from the roommate after I move out so that they can’t continue to immediately impact my kid
-I’m making sure that the stuff I keep is either better quality (for the long run) or more affordable because of the size of my pocket book
-I’m doing better at making sure that what I make lists of are as important as I like to think they are
-I’m planning for the future and not just to make a change

So many people expect that as the year changes and becomes a new one they anticipate immediate change and positive events suddenly taking the place of all the old and boring things of the year before. My boring parts of 2016:

-I sleep in the dining room of the apartment I share with a relative
-my roommate (I’m not allowed to call them that) has been putting out red flags that suggest heavily that I need to change my personal situation in a hurry
-I came back from living somewhere with my kid where I was the decision maker to having to hand over my authority over my kid so that I could have a roof over mine and his heads
-I receive notices from people that I can’t afford to pay off my debts to saying they are going to garnish me if I don’t pay them almost $65,000 dollars (almost $14,000 of which is collection fees even though that was the first time I’d heard from them in over a year)

The old parts are basically the same list plus family defending stupid crap they have no business doing or say that things I remember people doing didn’t exist, like I was making it up or something. Don’t get me wrong, I love that I have family and friends but sometimes what they do and think up are inexcusable.


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