Home Sweet Home

The plan this year is to be able to quickly save enough money to be able to make a sudden move back to my real home, the state I felt happiest and like I had a chance as long as I kept my chin up. The plan is to move back to South Carolina.

89c9ac64f5bfc92199932fe8c3dde750 About a year and a half ago I had moved to South Carolina with my kid. I hated the Palmetto bugs and the fact that the landlady swore that she cleaned before I got there but the place looked and smelled like it hadn’t been cleaned in more than a year but, it was home. If I was late getting my kid to school the only one who could nag me was me and/or the school. If I was late getting to work it was my fault and didn’t have to make excuses for someone else intentionally holding me up because they wanted to give me drama about a single dish and the need to give me a lecture about how irresponsible I was as a human and a defunct parent.

images I’m not the best parent in the world but I do try to teach my child awareness of others and how they feel. He is right now super stressed out because he can feel the stress coming off of my roommate and me. This isn’t his fault and he doesn’t understand how to process this or articulate that this is hurting him. He shouldn’t be expect to either, this is the fault of the two adults in the apartment suffering through being bullheaded adults with irresolvable differences and issues with each other.

Truth-be-told, I learned a lot and I have taken those lessons to heart. I will be more diligent and have learned a lot about how I come across to people in how I sound and dress. I want to go back to the south so badly that it makes my heart hurt. My kid misses the south too. We plan on moving out to an area that is not to far from where his friends used to live and could probably come and visit every few weeks. Some of the things I’ve started doing to prepare to move is getting rid of stuff that we won’t be bringing with us and making sure that most of what is brought in is going to come with us as well. Some of what I’ve given away are clothes that no longer fit either my kid or me and some of his toys. I’ll be getting rid of materials that I won’t be willing to ship out and might even sell some of my stuff. I’ll need to set up a garage sale that will take place on one of my days off from work. Things I will continue to purchase that won’t come with are the pens I use for work, food, medicine if I find I need it, basically not much.

My current roommate is currently being a pain in the rear-end by demanding that I start paying for the electricity and other stuff to prove that I’m trying to be responsible. I see the logic and value in that, believe me I do. But if I put much into her than I have little or nothing to use for the impending move and I need all I can get from here to help me get us out there. I’ve started making it a practice to charge my electronics at work instead of at home and only use my laptop when I need it at the apartment so that I don’t add much to the bills.

I will be hopefully be getting a new job that will be able to allow me to transfer to South Carolina and be near enough that I could get there using the public bus system. Right now I’m considering Red Lobster or look into a job that is local out there that I can start when I get there if possible. Basically I need to be able to take what I earn and multiply it by about 6 times and then I might be able to get this to work properly.



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