Wanna Talk About It

Some people like to talk to others and make friends easily, some people go to the store and pick up a stuffed bear for $24.99, dress them up as a real baby and walk around in public with them talking to them about the voices in their heads.

Today I got on the bus; I was completely unaware of what waited at the next bus stop. What was that waiting at the next bus stop? I’ll tell you, a super creepy tough looking guy in jeans and leather smelling like some kind of illegal substance carrying what at first looked like a sweetly dressed baby. It wasn’t really a baby but to this guy it was so real that after a failed attempt at conversation with me he started having a full-fledged conversation with what turns out to be a sweet little teddy bear. We rode through several stops before the conversation and the not-so-covert glances at me became to much and I had to get off. Thankfully he didn’t get off too, instead he headed for the back of the bus for a more private conversation with the stuffed best friend in newborn pajamas he’d brought with him, the teddy bear.

After I got off the bus I said something about people who are on drugs and talking to their teddy bears and the woman who was their decided to proceed to explain to me about how people have no morals and are lost to the Lord because they say I love you but don’t prove it. She proceeded to explain to me about how God has saved her and that the Bible has shared with her the wisdom of the Lord our Savior. She even came over to me and sat next to me to have this one-sided proselytized message from God/conversation. I’m glad and surprised that she didn’t reach out and try to hug me.

All this happened before 10am and I’m emotionally exhausted. I would take a nap but I still have to go to work and then have a full day of single-parenting to do after all this, my day will not end until after midnight tonight thereby making my day about 19 1/2 hours for just today.

Dear God, no wonder I’m tired.


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