What Goes Around

Currently there is an increase in the number of kids staying home sick, at least in my area. The kids that show up to the bus stop number about half of what they used to before the weather started yo-yo-ing up and down and now everyone is feeling like a sick puppy, especially the kids and mine is no exception.

Two days ago he couldn’t focus and was having temper tantrums and was slightly warm to the touch. That night he started throwing up and was throwing up for over two hours. I got to wash the bedding from both our beds, wash out my shoes (he threw up in them too) and mop the entire apartment twice. I also later had to wash the easy chair in the living room and the entire bathroom. I was so upset, not with him but with the fact that he was sick and I couldn’t just make it better with a hug and kiss.

Fast forward two days and he still has a slight temperature but is almost better. He still is having a hard time eating but what he does eat is staying down and he’s a great deal happier. I’ll be keeping an eye on the situation to make sure if he’s well enough to send to school tomorrow because he does like school and loves riding the bus because he can hang out with his friends on the way to school.

Hopefully when I write his note for school that they’ll be fine with it, with the one I went to for fifth grade they wouldn’t believe the ones I brought to school and they were written by my parents.

"I DO have a note from my doctor...but nobody can read it!"


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