National Endowment of the Arts

This is the hyper link to a partial article with quotes from official staff in regard to what is reported as Trumps plan to eliminate the National Endowment of the Arts. If this is true and Trump plans on eliminating the major part of United States culture then I am deeply disappointed in that choice.


The arts in all forms have been proven to be beneficial to lives of countless people in countries around the world and in the United States it is a driving force behind what people do with their lives even if they don’t realize. It’s in everything from the images on cereal boxes, the fonts we use when we type up a blog post, the makeup people use, the clothes we wear and more. Just in case anyone fails to see how any of what was just listed is artistic I’l break it down just a bit.

Images on cereal boxes are a form of graphic design used to help promote a product by making it more appealing to the consumer.

The fonts we use are part of a form of graphic design known as typography and can effect how we feel about what we are reading.

The makeup people use is a form of cosmetology and consequently an extension of fashion and effects how we feel about our appearance as well as our overall selves as individuals and members of a community.

The clothes we wear are fashion, a major industry that promotes the latest designs and ideals based on designers who share with the world what they want to see us wearing.

And more can cover things like drawing, painting, dance, singing, playing a musical instrument, acting and other artistic endeavors. I personally have met and even know many artists who are fabulous people who work hard to be able to promote what they have put their hearts and souls into.

3355 Gary Lee Price, Sculpture/artist

I have met the artist who created the Hands of Responsibility, Gary Lee Price, and found him to be a wonderful and warm person. I met him while he was making the scale model of Hands of Responsibility. I was (and still am) just  a single parent who loves art and happened to have the opportunity to witness him and his work in progress. I loved walking by and seeing where he’d added more clay to the model and how he’d adjusted it and stuff like that. I also enjoyed being able to talk to him if he took a break and I was there. We had pleasant conversations about the books he had with him like Where the Sidewalk ends by Shel Silverstein (one of my favorites). I was taking a photography class and had asked to take some pics of him for my class project. I was supposed to give him copies of the pictures he posed for but wound up with an unfortunate accident involving some hornets, a can of soda and my laptop; losing the images I had promised him kind of upset me. I’m sorry Gary, I really did plan on sending them to you.


I wasn’t here for this even but I love that an artist is being given recognition for an amazing piece of work that I hope will inspire many people for generations to come.


One of my favorite things about art is even if it’s not a commissioned piece that is anticipated to bring in millions of dollars it’s the effort and what is put into art that I find the most amazing. When a dancer dances you can see their soul, technique, strength, skill and sometimes some of the sweat. When a sculpture is sculpting, especially with clay you can see their finger prints in the clay and the imagination that went into the planning of a piece. One of my favorite things is the finger prints in the raw clay because they have imprinted a little piece of themselves in their work where it can be visibly seen. I love it.

The National Endowment of the Arts is such an amazing part of humanity that it should not be eliminated. It’s not just something to keep kids from destroying things around them or to keep people occupied in a therapy session or for rich people with nothing better to do. It’s a part of the life’s blood of the United States and its people. Let’s keep the arts going for the sake of everyone, it’s part of us on not just an economic level it’s part of our very being. The arts are part of our DNA.


2 thoughts on “National Endowment of the Arts”

  1. The ARTS are what make us – human beings – more human than just beings. The ARTS are essential to bringing compassion, caring, empathy, beauty, joy to our world . I agree with every word you wrote here!!!


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