Anxiously Awaiting

I have Anxiety disorder, Panic disorder and PTSD. There it is, plain and not so simple.

The problem with the cartoon above, aside from the fact that people do say stuff like that to people like me is that those of us with anxiety can’t just do the same things as everyone else the way they do things.

Some therapists and other people feel that you can cure Anxiety, those of us with the condition know that isn’t true; we can become very adept at disguising our condition so that others don’t realize what’s going on inside of us so that they can’t say those things to us or so that it doesn’t effect someone who depends on us as much as it would otherwise.
There are so many things that constitute an Anxiety issue and so few people understand partly because those of us who have it usually keep quiet about it due to how judgmental others can be about it once they know we have a problem.

I have had these symptoms my whole life and that is so sad. I have had every single one of these symptoms and everyone has always acted like I was just being stupid. I bet if I didn’t have this disorder people wouldn’t act like I’m nasty just because I passed gas or had to go to the bathroom for the third time in several hours because I feel like I have to or I’ll crap myself (which I’ve done too) or ask me if I’m pregnant just because I feel dizzy and nauseas. Sometimes I feel like I’m about to pass out and like my head has just shut off and I can’t remember simple things and that frustrates me even more because I feel like I’m stupid and I know I’m not. Not just because I can do the Mensa test and score high enough that I could join if I chose to but decline the invitation. I know I’m smart, I can learn almost anything I just can’t retain anything when I’m having an Anxiety/Panic/PTSD attack and that just leaves me depressed and feeling stupid.

Anxiety/Panic/PTSD all suck


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