The Struggle is Real part 1

Today I was threatened with becoming homeless over getting my own laundry soap. Yes, laundry soap. Am I kidding? No. My roommate said that if I can’t get my own laundry soap and insist on smelling like I’m homeless I can go and be homeless. Yes, they said that. Instead of asking me if I knew that even though they had said I could use the laundry soap they’d gotten that I was expected to go and get my own they yell this crap at me. Some people just amaze me, and not always in a good way.

Because of this drama I’m planning on moving in time for my kids birthday so that when we celebrate his birthday I don’t have to worry about any drama ruining his special day. We move at the end of May and go all the way to South Carolina and hopefully will have everything already set up. The struggle is more than just real, it’s super dramatic and makes me sick to have to deal with.


In my attempt at saving money I’m collecting diy projects that are supposed to be cheaper and healthier than store bought. Here are three soap recipes I found and would like to try out but I’ll have to wait until I’m out on my own before I can do that. I’m also collecting print-outs, templates, directions and videos for making my own of everything instead of buying something already made for me. I’m also price checking things so that if it’s cheaper to buy than make I can start with something made for me and later make it myself if I feel that what I can make on my own would be nicer.


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