No Soliciting Please

c14b73bbbb1701efaa4102d847b6eaffDue to the high volume of people calling me to offer me services in regard to consolidating my debt and claiming that I asked to be contacted by a lawyer who can help me learn how to consolidate my debt I am pissed and now trying to vent in a nicer than I feel manner.

cs-6230_2I prefer the Samoa cookies, anything with a combination of chocolate AND coconut has my heart even if I don’t have enough dollars to pay for it. Though like the sign above says

1/ We are to broke to buy anything

Really, I am to broke to buy anything and that includes the services of anyone claiming they can teach me how to do anything I already know how to do but don’t have the money to be able to do such as send money off to pay my bills. I have no money so therefore can’t, not to be confused with won’t, but can’t pay.

2/ We already know who we are voting for

It’s really no ones business who I vote for or even if I vote at all. That’s political as well as personal and nobody has any business getting upset or trying to tell me that I’m not helping my nation and that I need to vote. I didn’t say I wasn’t voting when I told you it was none of your business if I even vote, I said “It’s none of your business who I vote for or even if I vote.” Genius concept I know but really, get over it because it’s none of your business.

3/ We have found Jesus

Whether I have a religion is none of anyone business and I’m answering to no human being for this. Whether or not I believe in God, Allah, Jahovah or any other form of higher power it’s no ones business because if I have this on my door you are to turn and walk away because I have the right to call the police and have you arrested for trying anyways.

4/Seriously, unless you are selling thin mints

I prefer the Samoa ones, I have a deep love and appreciation for chocolate and coconut on the same cookie, mmmmm.


Seriously, please go away. I am a seriously private person who does not like a lot of people or even many people period so unless I know you and asked you to come over you need to leave so PLEASE GO AWAY.

fefd90f9983e517fcfb45ef3aaf241bbI’ll bring the laundry onto the porch so I don’t have to see your face in my house, just leave when you’re done I’ll get it later.


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