Customer Service pt 1

6361588788928459891041342056_stupid-questions I work as a server in a restaurant and this is a huge issue. Things like:salmon



are daily issues that servers have to deal with. I always have to pause to gain control of my tongue when someone tells me how the salad has to be prepared for them.


The customer is not always right. I don’t like to have to explain to the customer that the larger custom salads are not what comes with the meal and unless you’re willing to pay extra I’m not going to put avocados and black olives on your salad, it’s a side salad, it’s supposed to help keep the smaller fork and your mouth busy while the cook rushes through making your meal so you can have it before you get any dumber.


It’s a good idea to keep this in mind when complaining about the prices of stuff. We don’t set the prices, the owner does and if you don’t like it:


The shut up and make it yourself! It’s common sense that if you eat out you’re going to spend more money than if you stayed home and used up about two to three dollars on electricity and then washed out your own plate.




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