New Home

When my kid and I move into our next place we are going to be getting roses and pets. We plan on having several indoor roses, a cat and several fish in at least one or two tanks.

I want roses that have a strong beautiful smell and to have a nice tank on the counter that has a light and small decorations inside so that my kid has small friends that he can watch for hours or at least entertain the cat we’ll be getting after I start a new job.



I’m not sure what fish I would be getting just that I plan on getting us some fish, preferably the kind that are super social and like to live in schools. I’ll have to check and see what’s available online.

This is all going to happen either in the summer or in the early fall. I have to wait until then because I’ll still be living with my current roommate and won’t have yet arrived in South Carolina.


I’ve not yet decided what roses I want to get but I plan on trying to see how many I can fit in there without getting into trouble or hurting the future cat. I’ll have to do some research to make sure what kinds of plants the cat is most likely to become a problem with and which ones to avoid.

dfb9664fa3c53cffcab19d4ef241ef47 There are so many kinds of plants and roses I could pick.


I’m not sure if all the images I’ve found are of actual flowers or if they are modified but they are beautiful. I’ll probably start off with just one small bush and a small tank of fish and then the cat. If I do well enough with that bunch then I’ll increase it so that the little family I have will be happy and not overly stressed.

I know I’m rambling on but I’m excited by the possibilities. A pet is one of the biggest things since the person I’m living with won’t allow pets and has never given a good reason, they just say they won’t allow it and I can go and find my own place. Gardening is another thing that has always been a point of contention with the person I live with right now. No plants allowed. They’ve managed to kill even the hardiest of plants by basically dumping them outside and leaving them. Now that I’m finding my own place they can’t have any say-so over what I do or don’t bring in. Maybe I’ll even get a small citrus tree to have inside so that I can have fresh citrus available and it’ll make it smell nice.





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