Moving on Up

Recently my roommate/aunt put two-and-two together and realized it equaled that I’m moving. I denied it of course because it’s none of her business, after all she’s planning on doing the same thing to me. I’ve noticed over the course of a year that she keeps trying to tighten the proverbial belt on me socially, emotionally, and personal space and other ways. I’ve been putting into action over the course of the last five months the parts I need to move and do so quickly and efficiently. She came outside and saw me organizing and realized “Oh shit, she’s really doing it!”


She’s been taking control over my rights as a single parent so that she can become the single parent and have better control over my life. I never fully capitulated to her demands on my emotional sense of self or what she’s allowed to do in regard to my kid. Now I’ve seen over the course of the year she’s been putting into place the pieces to be able to try and take my kid but don’t worry, because I’m trying not to, that she won’t succeed.


No matter how she feels and what my roommate/aunt wants, I will retain custody of my kid and she will fail in her attempt at total domination of another person. Because I won’t allow it, it therefor can’t happen because guess what; I’m moving and she has no idea when.


No I don’t have “beef” with her, I refuse to because it’s not necessary. I already know what she’s going to do when she realizes that she’s lost complete hold on my physical situation and literally taken myself to the other side of the country.


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