Two and a Half Weeks


I literally have eighteen days left until the last day before I move. My kid doesn’t yet know that we’re moving, when or where so that he doesn’t actually tell the roommate/Aunt. He thinks we’re going to go and visit a friend in Washington this summer, here’s why:


1 kidnap.
Repeatedly taking my kid places, such as across county lines into an area that I know a pervert lives and then doesn’t tell me for months that they had done that because they don’t feel I need to know about it. This is one of the things that frightens me the most. They are literally kidnapping my kid on a regular basis even if they are bringing him back that doesn’t prove that they’ll never not come back. If someone feels they have the right to do this to the parent they are saying I am okay with someday taking your kid and never coming back.

I have a younger brother who was once kidnapped and my parents were lucky enough to have had him returned to them. My roommate/Aunt who has a degree in Behavioral Science and endeavors to become a social worker has shown themselves capable of taking off without warning and using the system against someone else so as to attain things that aren’t theirs to have. I am deeply frightened and have come up with a plan to try and combat this, I just hope that I’m fast enough and have set enough in motion to beat them to the punch.


2 With holding vital information.
Aside from the kidnap they don’t tell me where they went and when and has tons of pictures of my kid but not given me a single one of them. Also having my kid participate in programs before telling me anything about it and that’s if they tell me at all. Having babysitters for my kid when she agreed to be the one watching him but never giving me the names/addresses or phone numbers of the people and then gives me a hard time for not having the information.

Why is this information being with held from me? I get chewed out by the roommate/Aunt for not having this information but she doesn’t give me the information when I ask for it. Isn’t this kind of information supposed to be offered to me even if I don’t ask for it and why am I finding out about it after you’ve had someone else watch MY kid for YOU?


3 Parental Alienation.
My kid has been conditioned so that if he has a problem he goes to her first. She keeps her bedroom door open so that if he gets up she either goes and gets him or he goes right to her even though I’m also down the hallway.

She has conditioned him to not tell me about visits to places or people that I’ve said not to take him to. This means going to museums, cousins, the mall and other places that I know I’ve not been told about. I’ve told her to keep him home but she’s violating each and everyone of my rights with no regard to what this thing does to my family.


Buys him gifts so that she can literally purchase his affection. I did not agree for her to take him to use his allowance money to get toys that chances are I can’t afford to mail out to our new home. I didn’t allow her to go and get expensive toys that she’d previously said she couldn’t afford. By going and getting things that my kid knows I can’t afford and telling him that it’s okay you are teaching him that Mommy can’t afford to give you what you want and therefor you are to want to stay with me instead.


4 Causing scenes in public.
She comes out to where he goes to school when I go to pick him up so that she can rile him up and have him yelling and screaming for a ride from Auntie and spewing all the bullshit that she’s taught him to say. “It’s to far” and “I can’t walk that far” and “I want Auntie —- instead”. She does this at home to so that the neighbors can see what a Monster I am for making my kid take a walk or not spend time with Auntie ——.


No child should be made a part of an emotional tug-of-war between two adults; this is especially true when one of the adults is a non-custodial relative, she’s not the father but she’s acting like she thinks she’s his mother and father. I’m the legal/biological/custodial parent, she’s just the Aunt who wants more of him than I’ll allow.



First thing I’m going to do is stay with a friend for a few days before the trip so that the roommate/Aunt realizes that they don’t have any openings for kidnapping or parental alienation anymore. Then we are going to go to South Carolina. I’ve got my thinking we’re going to Washington State this summer to visit a friend. While we are on the way I’m going to let him know we’ve already planned out a play date with his friends from South Carolina first. Then when we are there I’ll slowly let him realize that we’re not going back.

No more kidnap.

No more parental alienation.

No more with holding my right to information.

No more buying my kids affection.

Goodby roommate/Aunt.


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