Would you like to sit down Miss


There once was a crazy lady on the public bus with her hair and makeup done like she still thought it was the 80’s. She started to demand that I sit down but I refused. images (1)

When I refused, the driver hasn’t gone anywhere because she’s monitoring the situation, the woman yells at me that I have to sit down because I’m pregnant.I-am-not-pregnant.-2



I yelled back at her, “I am not pregnant, I am fat and I don’ t have to sit down. I can stand if I want!”

The look of shock on her face not only because I yelled at her and stated it so shortly with no room for misinterpretation but I used an authoritative voice. Her eyes went as round as quarters because I yelled at her. Two seconds later she was still going at me and tried to demand of the driver to make me sit down. The driver had twisted around in her seat so that she could look right at the woman and told her that I was fine and that she could handle me. The woman couldn’t handle this concept even after being told twice to leave me alone. The woman got up and came up to the driver and yelled at her that she needed to do her job, glared at me, then got off yelling at the driver that she needed to be on time. The driver laughed as she shut the door in the lunatics face that she was on time.

I was so mad I flicked the idiot off when the doors were shut and went back and forth between laughing at the stupidity of it all and being mad. The driver told me to calm down and the woman was crazy. I’m still pissed but it’s okay now. I hope not to see the crazy lady again before I move, yikes.


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