Just this past Saturday my roomate/Aunt decided that she needed an incredible amount of drama.

Before I tell you about Saturday let me explain a little bit about myself. Hi, I’m a single mom of a sweet young boy, nice to meet you and I hope you’re having a good day. My boy and I are both on the spectrum, Aspergers aka high functioning autistic. We are both light sensitive, sound sensitive and emotionally sensitive. No we don’t have super powers. I also have PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and Disassociation disorder. Yes, we can function as normal people do as in I go to work and he goes to school. We have very few issues with our regular environments outside of the home as long as there are no massive changes. Our biggest problems is when people decide to cause major changes and or give massive trouble or drama. This takes us back to Saturday.

Saturday I had forgotten to check that my kid had folded the laundry of his that I’d washed and asked him to put away before we leave. I had previously put a top coat of paint on a wooden canvas that I’m planning on painting a picture on. The laundry was still patiently waiting for us when we got back, my aunt/roommate was also waiting just not patiently. As soon as she started speaking I could tell by her voice and tone that she’d caused some trouble and was looking for a fight. First thing she did was let me know she’d put my painting on the patio outside where even though it was warmer than it usually is for January it’s still freezing and that will ruin my painting. I go outside and get my painting all the while she’s yelling at me that it will not come inside the apartment because it stinks and that I’m not allowed to have paint inside the apartment. I yelled back that it will freeze outside and ruin it and since it belongs to me it does not have to go outside.

Her :   “It’s my apartment!”

Me :   “It’s my stuff!”

Her : “I don’t give a shit! It’s my apartment and I have the right to not have it in here!”

Me : “It’s my stuff and you do not have the right to ruin or get rid of another persons belongings.”

While she’s screaming and stomping her feet and pumping both arms for emphasis this whole situation is playing out in front of my son who’s seated himself in the living room chair that belongs to my aunt even though the living room is technically my bedroom. He’s curling up tighter and tighter because the noise and anger frightens him. Because I’m being verbally attacked he’s afraid of that, his mommy being attacked in front of him.

She keeps repeating herself and I keep repeating myself. I put in there that I’ve done the research on the paints I use and the odor from them is non carcinogenic and that the smell is the binding agent that allows it to dry quickly.

Her : “I don’t give a Fuck!”

Me : “Do not swear in front of my son”

She storms off to her room. There hasn’t been a second of silence in this whole situation as it plays out. She’s raged that if I can’t respect her and the rules that I can go and find some place else to live and that she’s not going to bring my mail in anymore.

Me : “So you’re going to give me a copy of the key to the box.”

I already know that she’s going to say no. She’s screaming that no she’s not going to and that I can go to the landlady and have my mail received there or get a post office box. So now she’s proclaimed that the mail will sit in there until the post man takes it all back. That is called impeding the postal service which since the postal service is a federal service she’s now guilty of committing a federal offense.

Now I’ve been told to get out of the apartment, she’s swearing in front of my kid, telling me that my emotional and mental therapies that I practice, my painting and drawing, is not allowed and that I don’t get to receive my mail that by law I’m allowed to since we share the same address.

She returns to swearing about how she doesn’t give a shit. I tell her not to swear in front of my son. Verbal volleyball of the two phrases go back and forth several times until my son screams at the top of his little lungs.

Him : “ENOUGH!”

With that we are both silent. I thank God she didn’t come back out as she has a few times to explain how I’m the one being stupid or how adults need to be able to work things out.

The rest of the evening went quietly. The next day, Sunday,  I get a call from my job asking me to come in. I told them I have to check with the people that I live with. When I tried to speak to my aunt whom I’d hoped had calmed down the look of malignant anger and rage on her face was on the level that I would call it evil. She told me to ask my son who immediately cried out a painful sounding “NO!” and she shrugged her shoulders and said something like “Well, there’s your answer.” I waited a while and even washed his coat before talking my kid into taking a walk outside and that we’d figure it out outside where we were going to go. While this is going on I’m reliving in my mind the day before and realizing that she’d not come in to ask us if we wanted to go to church today. This for her is unusual because if I don’t have to work I usually insist on my kid and I going even though she’s not attended in years. Outside I see a friend of mine and one of the church leaders having just gotten back from church. We say hi and I mention that my aunt is not in a good mood today. I could tell by the look on the leaders face that he could tell there was a great deal more to that than I had just said, especially after my kid tries to say he’s staying home but I tell him no because she’s not having a good day and we need to get away from the stress and we can’t help her if we don’t help ourselves. I get him to go to work with me and ask the manager if they still want me there but that I’d have to have my kid in the breakroom with my tablet to entertain him. They were okay with that and let the store manager know. A few hours later we left again feeling much calmer, at least on the outside.

On the way back to the apartment we had dinner at McDonald’s and when he tripped and badly bruised his knee so we had to sit and calm down after that happened.

Today, Monday, I went to the post office to see about getting my mail rerouted to the leasing office and the post office refused saying that the leasing office always refuses and sends back mail. If I’d had some of my mail from the apartment I could’ve set up a post office box but I didn’t have it so that’ll have to wait. I did pick up applications for passports for my kid and me to deal with at a later date.

I don’t know what I can do about the situation. I am trying to plan on come up with solutions to this problem. I will make this work one way or another.

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