Just a Bit Tighter Please

While trying to remain calm in the presence of the narcissistic roommate/ aunt she comes over to unleash her latest edict and the reason I was feeling antsy without knowing why.

” I’ve made a decision.”

Oh goody, I mentally proclaim, what is it this time?

There will be no more boxes or books allowed in the living room. “

I mentally roll my eyes and try to remain deadpan at the same time.

“You have to get rid of a lot of things and we need to have it clean when they come to fix the carpet.” She also mentioned that a few other things, all drama.


I’ve been considering parting everything down to the point I could pack it all into a few suitcases and be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. That means I have to get rid of almost everything I own.

I have long since quit trying to logic out why she is the way she is, it takes to much energy to try. I need to find my trash bags and start bagging things instead of trying to hold onto things. Who knows, by the time I clear it all out it may be finally time to move out for the last time.

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