no words

I’m working with a narcissist who is very much the clone of my roommate/aunt. She talks like her, walks a lot like her, complains like her, makes me hate her just like her.

I’m so tired of the crap that I’ve seriously considered quitting over her. I love my job or at least did until she started working here. A few days ago she confronted me in front of everyone twice and put me on the defense several times. I no longer like working here but I need the job and the money.

If I can I need to be able to get into school and get some skills. I plan on learning the ancient languages such as Latin, Hebrew and Ancient Greek. I wonder if I could go down to Florida and live with my Uncle and go to school for languages at a local university or even just a community college. I love languages, reading, writing, drawing and sunshine. I need to be able to get out of here and away from everyone.

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