Salve, that means Hello

In Latin, salve means hello or To Be Well, when speaking to an individual, salvete is used when there’s more than one person. I’ve developed an interest in learning to speak the latin language. I think the whole language is fascinating and the continued to debate over whether the language is truly dead or not is also of some fascination.

I’m looking into places online and in person where I could study the Latin language. So far I’m to late to register for anything. There is a place I can purchase the flexible course at and have full access to it for a year. That would be a really good idea for me because I can be a bit slow when trying to get things done, especially if I’m either new to it or I’m extremely stressed out.

Over time I plan on learning Latin, Ancient Greek, possibly Hebrew, Italian, French, and German. I may later add more languages to the list, for now though that’s the (temporary) list.

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